Inspector General. V∴Ill∴ Bro A.J.Evans 33°
District Recorder. Ill∴Bro R.Fisher 32°

Welcome to this short informative description of our beautiful Order, and the list of Rose Croix Chapters meeting in our District, we trust you find it interesting.

The Rose Croix Degree is the 18th degree of a Christian Order of Masonry, promulgated under the titular direction of Frederick the Great with the Grand Constitution of 1786 under which all regular Supreme Councils throughout the world are formed.

The Order consists of thirty three degrees which enhance the teachings of Craft Masonry within a Christian context, for this reason, candidates must profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith, and are required to sign a declaration to that effect.

The qualification for membership requires that candidates have been initiated into a Craft Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England or a Grand Lodge authorised under the rules of the Supreme Council 33° and to have been a Master Mason of good standing for at least one full year.

The ruling body of our Order has the title “The Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales and its District and Chapters Overseas” the headquarters are known as the ‘Grand East’ situated at 10, Duke Street, St James’s, London.

Within our Chapters the only degree worked in full is the eighteenth, it seeks the Perfection of Christian virtues, its thought provoking and impressive ceremony enhances the Brotherly love on which the whole Masonic movement is founded. The beautiful regalia for the eighteenth Degree is both simple and spectacular, comprising of a rose pink collar decorated with gold embroidered symbols of the Order with a jewel appended to the collar. The District of Cornwall consists of ten Rose Croix Chapters , two of which have day time meetings and all are listed below, they meet three or four times a year with the meetings being friendly and relaxed, usually completed with the traditional festive board.

A full list of our Chapters can be found in the Cornwall Masonic Year Book, but we can be contacted direct through our District Recorder whose details are at the bottom of this page. ‘Come and join us in this beautiful Christian Masonic Order.

Please click on the Chapter name for further information, meeting dates/time and directions to the venues.

Cornwall Chapter 61  Redruth
Duchy Chapter 289  Liskeard
Earl of St Germans Chapter 422  Saltash
St Austell Chapter 744  St Austell
Penwith Chapter 754  Hayle
Falmouth Chapter  770  Falmouth
Helston Chapter Rose Croix 1027  Helston
Launceston Castle Chapter Rose Croix 1037  Launceston
Towan Blystra Rose Croix  1052  Newquay
Laurie Francis Rose Croix  1137  Redruth

District Recorder
Ill Bro R.Fisher